Elena and Alastair, a couple of Londoners, knew they wanted their wedding surrounded by the beauty of a historic Venetian villa in Italy. Like any diligent couple, they took care to book a venue months in advance, especially since their date was set for May (high wedding season) and needed to get ahead of the competition.



Dreams on hold

Their dream of the perfect wedding was suddenly put on hold when the venue called and cancelled their reservation – in February!

Imagine my surprise when I picked up the phone that day, to Elena’s mom in tears. 130 guests had already RSVP’d and were booking their flights to Italy. But now the venue expected them to change the date.

All out panic

Furthermore, communication with the venue  had become increasingly sparse and cryptic. By the time I got the call, Elena and Alastair still didn’t understand why the venue had cancelled.

Taking charge, I called the venue myself to get some answers. It turns out the owner had missed the deadline to apply for a permit on the wedding date. Afraid of receiving noise complaints, he thought he could convince the couple to change their date to a bank holiday, to reduce the risk of neighbours complaining about the noise.

After months of coordinating all the details, like hiring a photographer and videographer, ordering flowers and renting equipment (and doing it all from abroad), now the venue wanted them to change the date! Obviously this was not acceptable, and Elena and Alastair, having limited time to travel to Venice, entrusted me with finding an alternative.

How I turned it around

First thing we had to do was book a new venue. As an experienced wedding planner in the Veneto region, I work with a number of partners – gorgeous, historical villas that make ideal wedding venues, as well as some of the best caterers in the region.

Villa interior


villa terrace

wedding table

Even in the midst of peak wedding season, I was able to connect Elena and Alastair with multiple alternative venues, so they could see their dream wedding through in the right location. We found a date when the couple could travel to Italy, and I lined up a viewing at each villa for their convenience.

Villa facade by night

classic interior

When they laid their eyes on the winner, they thanked me for my help; since they both work full time in London, relying on me saved them an enormous amount of time, money, and tears. By hiring a seasoned wedding planner who has ties with the industry in a region that’s ideal for weddings, they had reassurance when it came to dealing with unexpected issues, especially from abroad.

From bridal nightmare to dream day

In the end their destination wedding turned out amazing:

Bride and groom covered in flower petals

Bride and groom dancing

Wedding reception on lawn

wedding sign

bar sign

Vintage car at wedding

Check out this short recap of their wedding video to see for yourself:


Are you planning your wedding in Italy from abroad? Working with an experienced wedding planner is essential – someone you can trust to take care of all the details (big and small) that may come up during the planning process.

Think of me as your eyes, ears, and voice in Italy as you plan your destination wedding from abroad. Contact me to discover how I can make your dream wedding in Italy come true.

Cheers to your wedding!