Today I would like  to tell you the story of Romina a wonderful girl that loves purple colour a lot.

When she called me, we fixed an appointment in her flat and the first thing I noted is that violet and purple was everywhere! Starting from blinds, pillows on the sofa and a lot of accessories.


Before to start with every wedding planning I always listen to my future couple and try to speak with them a lot.

This is important, because I have to understand them and to I have to do into their lives and their minds. Only in this way I am able to tailor made their wedding. So speaking and speaking we decided to have as wedding mood the dark purple but of course with an element of lightness, that we focused on the butterflies.  Butterflies flight on the flowers and flowers are often purple.


Dark purple is one of the strong colour that are not so expected for a wedding and also difficult to propose, when it is not in fashion. In Italy is a colour connected with funerals and in theatre is the colour of back luck. The church was near the cemetery, so I had to find any ideas to minimized the situation. Moreover this request arrived two years before the orchid-purple wave, so I was a little bit in difficulty.

Well my role is this one: find a nice solution for each request!


In this case there was the risk to have an atmosphere too dark and severe with a funeral effect. In this case Romina asks for a professional in order to help her finding the correct solution.

I recount you this real story today, because this wedding is for me one of the more touching for the final result! When you need a solution, with a lot of fantasy, you will find one.

The church was fantastic, the cypresses decorated with balloon-flowers, the balustrades rich of  ribbons by tulle and by satin, the columns with a flower compositions refined the austere entrance. An elegant wedding arrangement, only happiness.


Please attention to strong colour for your wedding. The effect caricature is very simple to reach; as when girls used too many colours for their make-up.

The same situation can happen for each coloured set-up. It is necessary to find an equilibrium between the different elements for not sinking in the kitsch.

This elegant effect purple-pleasant-wedding came out selecting the different elements and measuring them in an accurate way.   Purple colour was balanced by the white colour and different intermediate  nuances selecting the right flowers, together with the florist, and creating a dedicated wedding graphic starting from the invitations until the menu cards, the sitting table plan, the place cards and mixing flowers and butterflies in the centrepieces and menu in order to give more lightness to the whole project.

Here you can see any details


Which is your favourite colour?

I will take care of your wedding with the same attention and passion, that I gave to Romina, because each Bridal is a special person and I promised you that You will have a place in my heart too, when I will plan your wedding.


Contact me for a first appointment.  If you live far away, we can fix a skype call.

I will bring you to the definition of your wedding mood based on your life.


Cheers to your wedding!

Antonella Friso