Congrats to the new Mr. and Mrs.! It seems like just yesterday you heard the wedding bells ringing. Then  after your honeymoon you came home to a house full of decorations, clothes, and a host of other odds and ends left over from the big day.

Time to get organised and clear out that space! Reuse, recycle, or upcycle these common wedding items to pare down the bulk while protecting the environment – and your budget. Read more for tips on recycling wedding items.

1) Vases

Just about every wedding comes loaded with an arsenal of vases, and yours was no exception. Vases that displayed beautiful flowers in every corner of the wedding:  on the stage at your ceremony, in centrepieces at dinner, topping off the reception, by the photo booth, and gift table – the list goes on!

Fortunately vases have loads of different uses. Here are a few ways to recycle yours:

Give flowers for friends’ birthdays. Just put the flowers in water in a vase first. Flowers make a lovely surprise and you’ll save your friend trouble!

Decorate your house! Fill a vase with pebbles for a cute addition to your coffee table. Give a sparkling home to a potted plant. Collect corks as you open new wine bottles so you can show off your impeccable taste.

Organise loose items. We all need a place to stash small change, pens, safety pins, paper clips, and the like. Why not drop them in a gorgeous vase to keep the rest of your house clutter-free?

2) Candles

They came, they were lit, they were blown out. Most wedding candles work their magic for 1-6 hours and are never used again. Whether nested in a jar or resting on a holder, you probably have at least a dozen partially burnt candles on your hands.

recycle used wedding candles

Luckily, recycling candles has never been easier! Just cut them down, heat the wax, and mould around a wick to make new candles. Or if you don’t have time to DIY, donate the candles to charity! Find a charity near you that makes new candles to sell for fundraising.

3) Attire

While you wouldn’t change a thing about how the big day went down, you may find yourself cringing about how much you spent on your wedding dress. Wish you could make some of that money back? Now you can, with websites that offer a place to sell your used wedding attire!

You may not jump at the idea of selling your one and only wedding dress, but think about the big picture. The extra money would help pay off some of the other wedding expenses. Plus, somewhere out there in the world, another bride-to-be is planning her own wedding, struggling to find a beautiful dress within her budget. Sell her your old dress and you both win.

Check out a site dedicated to recycling wedding items, such as Sell My Wedding, or Bride2Bride in the UK. Or if you live in the US, try


Your wedding took effort to plan and you’ll treasure the memories forever. Between the photo album, video, guestbook, and memorabilia, you may feel tempted to keep anything that reminds you of your fairy tale day. Parting may seem hard at first, but recycling wedding items is a great way to get organised and even help others in the process!

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