You decided to get married in Italy and you already find also the right venue.

Preparing the necessary documents to get married in Italy is one of the first steps to do.

We explain you here below  the Italian procedures,  even if we suggest to double check each time with the Comune (Town Hall) the required docs.  It could happen, that there are more formalities, depending on your Country of Residence or Origin and of your Religion.

We will take cake of this bureaucratic aspect for you.


Here the steps to follow

  • please start six months before the date to avoid any delay and any risk of no-legal-wedding. The complete set of documents should be ready at least two months in advance. In any case it is always possible to play a symbolic ceremony.
  •  Please choose at least two witnesses. They are necessary both for Civil or Religious ceremonies.
  • There is no official residency requirement for civil ceremonies in Italy
  • Civil ceremonies and Catholic ceremonies are both legally binding


These are the documents you will need for your wedding in Italy:

  • A valid passport
  • Official, Long Form, signed Birth Certificates
  • Parental or Guardian Consent if one partner is under the age of 18
  • Nulla Osta document. This declaration attests that there is no impediment to  proceed with the wedding.   To obtain this document you have to get in contact with the Authority in charge of your Country  (they could be in your Country or a Consulate in Italy)
  • All original documents will need to be accompanied by Italian translation. This must be done by an agency verified by the Italian Consulate.


How you can get married in Italy

  1. Symbolic ceremony: it is not legally binding but on the other size it is very easy to be organized. You can play it in each place, you like and you can choose each text, you desire.   This option is suitable, when you have no time to prepare all the docs or you desire to get married in a special place, where this is not permitted to do it legally.


2. A Civil Ceremony can only take place at the local Town Hall or venues recognized by the Town Hall and it is usually performed by the Mayor. You can personalize the civil ceremony with your own vows and speeches.

In this case the spouses ask for a Nulla Osta, (a Certificate of Freedom to Marry) with which you can go to the Comune (Italian Town hall) where you will get married and depose the request of weddig.

3. Religious Ceremony between two Catholics. In your parish church you should take contact with your local parish priest, follow a pre-matrimonial class, which prepare you to the marriage and give you the pass to the whole procedure of the Roman Curia

It will asked you:

  • Pre-nuptial enquiry – your local parish will provide it for you both
  • Baptismal, Communion and Confirmation Certificates issued in your parish church.

4. Religious Ceremony between one Catholic and one other Religion. The ceremony will be not a traditional Mass but a specific Ceremony. Please contact your parish priest to start with the preparation.


5. Religious Ceremony between both spouses of the same Religion. For other religions, proof of a civil marriage is required before you can celebrate in a church.


6. Same sex wedding. The Italian law allows now the wedding of same sex couples. We will support you to organize the Civil ceremony or the symbolic one.


You should prepare the complete set of your documents in advance to your wedding. We will help you in the whole bureaucratic process. There will be any action that you have to do personally, like attend on the fiancés class or the appointment to the Embassy, but for every other matter we will follow you during the whole cycle.


To prepare the documents to get married in Italy contact us. We are at your disposal answering to your requests and solve your doubts.


Contact me to have all the information you need to start with the planning of your wedding in Italy, writing to

Cheers to your wedding!

Antonella Friso