When Annalisa reached out to ask about planning her wedding, I could tell right away that she was one of my youngest clients so far. 20 years old, to be precise, and a beautiful young lady who was head-over-heels in love with her fiance, Andrea. Their real wedding story begins with that first conversation when she let me know they were looking to tie the knot as soon as possible.

The reason Annalisa called me that day is because she herself had never attended a wedding, and had no idea where to begin planning.

At our first meeting I felt an instant connection – she soon came to feel like a daughter to me, and Andrea like a son. I knew right away that our shared excitement would help us work together to shape a vision for their wedding.

The right venue: one of Italy’s hidden gems

When it came time to talk logistics, my new kids took me round to their house. Their idea was to host the wedding at home, so we went to scope out the space where we could set everything up. The thought was that hosting the wedding at home would save money, helping them stay within their limited budget.

However, I quickly began to see how converting their house into a wedding venue could actually cost more in the long-run than hiring a devoted space. I suggested something that in Italy we call an agriturismo – similar to a locally-owned bed and breakfast, but usually located on a farm, so you can expect incredibly fresh local dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Together we found a great venue that met all of their needs, and was big enough to fit all of their guests.


Setting the date

Both Andrea and Annalisa have seasonal jobs, so we had to plan their wedding around tourist season – it was due to wind down in September but we decided on an October date to cushion against any work-related schedule conflicts.

Then, little by little, we pieced together their real wedding story, meanwhile juggling their budget, work, and family responsibilities.


Nostalgic wedding colours

Annalisa and Andrew chose orange because it carries a special meaning for them, since Andrea gave her a bouquet of orange flowers as part of their engagement.

They wanted their wedding decorations to be romantic and cute, so we added hearts to everything – from invitations to centrepieces.




Big results, small pricetag

That’s the true value I strive to offer as a wedding planner – stunning, professional results, whilst staying inside your budget.

Why? My passion is planning weddings because I enjoy being a part of your journey, and helping you tell your real wedding story. Each person, and every couple, is different – so no matter what your wedding theme, budget, or colours, love is at the heart.


I love telling the story of Annalisa and Andrea, because it reminds us that your wedding should be about celebrating your love, and creating memories, surrounded by friends and family, that will last a lifetime.

When it comes to having your wedding in Italy, you may feel like an expert planner, or a complete novice – the most important thing is that you keep your love for each other as your focal point, and everything else will follow.

Ready to start planning your wedding in Italy? I’m here to help you discover all of the delights this beautiful country has to offer! Don’t let a limited budget discourage you – contact me to start planning.

Cheers to your wedding!