Ever wondered how much it costs to hire a wedding planner?

Pretty much every day I hear people saying they can’t afford to hire one. They dream of having a wedding planner to rely on, but quickly dismiss the idea as luxury that’s beyond their reach.

I’m here to debunk this myth! I’d also argue that working with the right wedding planner will even save you money!


Myth: you can’t afford to hire a wedding planner


Fact: a wedding planner helps you stay within your budget

I often hear couples tell me they just want to keep the wedding small and can’t afford a wedding planner. They assume the wedding planner would go wild with an unlimited budget – when in reality the opposite is true.


Part of the wedding planner’s role is to make sure you have a wonderful experience on your wedding day, without exceeding your budget. Unlike the wedding planners in Hollywood films who pile on the luxury and glitz, a real wedding planner is a professional who coordinates between all of your different vendors. Like an architect, she works with you to formulate a plan, and then sees it through to completion.


Fact: a wedding planner helps steer you in the right direction (and avoid pitfalls)

Planning your wedding from abroad? I work with many international couples who want to celebrate their special day here in the enchanting Veneto region. However, with little local knowledge they don’t know where to begin planning. With years of practice organising weddings here, my experience makes an invaluable asset.


I know which local vendors offer the best service and value (and which ones to avoid!). My clients, Elena and Alistair, are living proof – when their venue cancelled at the last minute I came to the rescue and lined up a handful of alternatives for them to handpick from. Read their full story here (insert link).


Fact: a wedding planner can land you discounts

A wedding planner has a major advantage over the average couple: repeat business. Since I work regularly with an array of venues, caterers, and other suppliers in the local area, I’ve had time to build quality relationships. Naturally, as a repeat customer, vendors are more likely to reward my loyalty with discounts that help me stay in your budget.


Fact: a wedding planner saves you time, money, and stress

All too often, couples assume they can’t afford a wedding planner, but then end up going over budget when unexpected costs come up. An experienced wedding planner can foresee potential extras, and deal with them early on.


In the run-up to your big day, you’ll thank yourself for hiring a wedding planner – now you can sit back, relax, and enjoy this chance to celebrate your love and connect with friends and family who come from all over to attend your wedding!


Unfortunately for many couples who forego a wedding planner, the final weeks and days before the wedding are tense and full of frantic, last-minute decisions.wp-bannister

Especially if you need to plan your wedding from abroad, a wedding planner will be a lifesaver when it comes to dealing with practical issues, like communicating in a foreign language, making payments in another currency, coordinating between different time zones, and keeping track of international flights!

Should you hire a wedding planner?

To answer that question, let’s recap:

Vendor discounts + wedding planner fees = less money spent with results guaranteed.


Are you getting ready to start planning your wedding? Considering Italy as your destination? Contact me now for your detailed consultation.

Cheers to your wedding!