Looking for a wedding theme that reflects your love for all things classic and nostalgic? The vintage wedding theme lets you show off your timeless tastes. Read more for our top tips on how to plan your vintage themed wedding!

Why choose the vintage wedding theme?

Maybe you and the groom love old fashioned clothes, architecture, and furniture. You enjoy learning about your family’s history, and quite frankly appreciate the style of a past era more than current trends. If the above applies to you, then the vintage wedding theme may fit you perfectly! You can curate a palette of timeless styles so in 30 years when you look back at your wedding photos together, they reflect your favourite decade of the past.

There’s also a certain whimsical quality about the vintage wedding theme, the feeling that after countless years, two destined lovers found each other, which adds even more allure to your already romantic celebration. Reign in that magical feel with vintage decor wherever the eye falls.

Find your inspiration guide

Chances are, a favourite era from the past already stands out to you. But if you need some inspiration, talk to older relatives or go to a vintage shop to dig up some old photos. Browse through and you’ll quickly find a connection with the type of vintage fashion you like most.

Of course, it’s always worth browsing Pinterest, but the vintage wedding theme calls for some more traditional research methods. And hey, you may even get the chance to catch up with some loved ones in the process.

Once you’ve picked a specific era that reflects your style, consider it your guiding light to make other decisions about what you want to see at your wedding.

Vintage-inspired styles


Attach vintage keys to your seating chart, and a matching keyhole beside the centrepiece at each table. Antique picture frames help set the scene – feel free to throw in family photos from your grandparents’ heyday. An antique mirror makes a beautiful replacement for a sign or chalkboard.

vintage wedding centrepiece

Lace is your best friend when it comes to decorating and accessorising. Wrap the timeless material around your centrepieces or candleholders for a subtle elegant look. Place a lace runner down the centre of your dessert table. And don’t forget, lace and Lady’s Breath go hand in hand, so make sure to add it into the mix.

Weddings are most fun when guests have the chance to participate. In line with the time travel theme, try the “Message in a Bottle” activity. Find a big, old bottle and have guests write you a message to put in the bottle, for the two of you to read together one year later.

Finally, have a driver transport you to the wedding venue in a vintage car decked out in lace and flowers!

vintage wedding car

With the right style guide in mind, you can pull off a stunning vintage themed wedding.

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Cheers to your wedding!