Delicate and beautiful, timeless and sophisticated, you can’t go wrong with a lace wedding theme. Whether you style your whole wedding around lace, or simply want to add elegance to another theme, read more for tips on how to make the most of this stunning fabric on your wedding day.

Why choose a lace themed wedding?

Are you a hopeless romantic? Do you love vintage fashion? Would you like to add a soft touch to a rustic wedding? Lace is a popular, yet timeless material, with origins tracing back to the 15th century.

Its versatility means lace is perfect as a standalone fabric, or for adding a feminine touch when used alongside other textiles. Similarly, as you plan your wedding, you have the flexibility to either use lace as your central theme, or to compliment another one.

Lace tablecloth

Choose a type of lace

The first step is choosing the type of lace you want for your wedding. Given its longstanding history, lace production has evolved significantly over the centuries, meaning you can find hundreds of variations in types of lace. From Chantilly to Point, you’ll certainly have plenty of options to choose from. We can’t name all of them here, but check out this article to start learning about the different types.

Lace accessories

Lace is classic and represents sophistication, so include it in one or two accessories for a subdued chic look. Pick out lace shoes to wear on the big day. Consider swapping a wedding veil in favour of a minimalist, lace hair clip.

Lace Decorations

Set a vintage tone with a lace tablecloth or runner on tables at your reception. Want to go more subtle? Nix the lace tablecloth in favor of a single lace ribbon wrapped around each guest’s napkin. Or use lace-inspired table accessories, like place cards. Feel free to wrap lace around centrepieces and candleholders to top it off.

Lace inspired table decorations

Extras to keep in mind 

While lace offers that fairytale look without being too ostentatious, keep a few considerations in mind as you plan your lace themed wedding:


Mixing different types of lace can be distracting. Not only that, but some types of lace even clash with each other. We love lace for its subdued elegance, so minimise the different types of lace you use, sticking to just one or two.


With so many varieties to choose from, lace comes in a range of weaves and qualities. High quality lace can come at an equally high price, so keep your budget in mind when you decide which type to use at your wedding. If you’re in love with a lace that’s on the pricey side or not readily available, start planning early so you can keep an eye out for any potential sales or freebies.

Top planning tip

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