When it comes to your honeymoon, Venice, Italy truly has it all. With beautiful canals lining its hushed footways, creating a quiet broken only by gently crashing waves and an occasional gondolier rowing by, you won’t find a more exquisite place in the world than Venice.

You’ve decided to take your honeymoon in Venice, so what next? I specialise in planning memorable occasions in Venice and the surrounding area, so in this article I’ll share tips on what to see and do in Venice for your anniversary.

Before anything else, you’ll need to decide how much time to spend in Venice. Truth be told, this city has so much to offer we recommend at least one week, but if you’re squeezing it into a bigger Euro trip, or if you only have a few days to spend on your honeymoon, we’ll start with the must-see attractions. You can customise these tips based on how much time you have available.

Two nights

If you only have two nights to spend in Venice, don’t worry – you can still have an amazing time and see some gorgeous sites. First of all, rather than staying in the city centre in a generic hotel with tiny rooms, check into a historic Villa just outside of the city centre. From the moment you walk in you’ll feel like you entered an enchanted palace, fit for royals.

Villa Veneta

Take a ride into the city centre the next day, where you can explore Venice and visit its many shops. Go for a gondola ride at sunset, and dine in a restaurant overlooking the Grand Canal in the evening. Enjoy locally-produced Prosecco to your heart’s content, retiring to the quiet haven of the Villa at night. Have a lie-in and order room service the next morning!

Three nights

Have three nights to spend on your honeymoon in Venice? In addition to the Venice classics, why not head to the city for a day of sight-seeing? Many companies offer group walking tours, but since this is one of the most romantic trips of your life, it’s worth hiring a private tour guide. On your third evening, return to the Villa early and indulge in a couple’s massage.

One week

If you can spend a week in Venice for your honeymoon, now it’s time to explore. The Floating City and surrounding regions have loads of beautiful, fun places to see. Check out the beach on Lido Island, or go to a glass-making workshop on Murano. Take a day trip to neighbouring Padova (Padua), where you can see Giotto’s Scrovegni Chapel and Saint Anthony’s Cathedral. These charming sights are all within 45 minutes of Venice, so go exploring!

Two weeks

Taking two weeks for your honeymoon in Venice? Get out and see the Venetian countryside, with a wine tour. Schedule another beach day. Take a trip to Ravenna to see the town’s dazzling mosaics. Head to Verona to take part in English literature’s most famous love story, where you can visit Juliet’s balcony. You certainly won’t run out of things to do, and can go home feeling refreshed, restored, and more connected than ever.

Ready to start planning? At YourAnniversary.it we specialise in organising special occasions for happy couples in Venice and the surrounding area. Read our blog for more wedding tips, or contact us to get started.