Elena & Alastair

This couple arrived directly from London. This nice couple met in the tube stations. For this reason the table names were with the names of the different Tube stations, where they fallen in love.

Davide & Heloisa

He is a Venetian and a great wines expert. She arrives with the Brazilian coffee aroma. We created for them their own logo. A bunch of grapes with coffee grains.

Chiara & Esteban

This was a particular and international wedding. He is a Mexican, she is an Italian girl and both are living in Norway. They love simple but original things and they asked me to arrange the tables with cacti’s.

Carla & Marzio

This is a couple of nice and discreet people. She loves lilac colour and we found it in all the accessories of this wedding of June.

Annalisa & Andrea

This couple is very young, in love and asked for a wedding in spite of their young age. They love hearts and the colour of the roses that he gave her for their engagement: the orange, that of course we used in each detail.

Romina & Alessandro

This bridal loves purple as the best colour in the world. Could we not use it for her wedding? Of course not, here you will see some details of her coloured wedding set-up.

Antonella & Pierluigi

Now we are at the wedding planner. At my wedding I would like to give a modern tone to my wedding, so I choose a modern venue. My wedding theme was the colours, because I love art and painting.

A wedding to remember

Meeting Antonella is a true pleasure. With her even a simple cup of tea became a small ritual.

Tea pot and tea cups harmonized, sugar lumps in the shape of small four-leaf clover or hearts,

some sweets…. and you feel at home! Antonella is this: she looks and takes care of each detail,

and in this way she takes care of everyone around her.