Time to set the date and considering a winter month for your wedding? A winter wedding offers a certain magical quality, and satisfaction knowing that the date you picked is uniquely yours.

Check out these tips for planning your dream winter wedding!

Why set the date for a winter month?

Let’s face it – cold months like January and February aren’t the most popular when it comes to weddings. But just like travel season, the “traditional” wedding season has its drawbacks. During peak period, venues book up months and sometimes years in advance. A winter wedding, on the other hand, offers more flexibility and better prices, from the venue, to live entertainment, to honeymoon travel.

Whether you and the groom are winter people or not, you really can make your winter wedding perfect. Do you love skiing? Plan your wedding in a mountain lodge, or spend your honeymoon at a ski resort.

Or if you tend to dread the yearly onset of the cold months, getting married this season can give you a reason to celebrate the winter! Just think – you can celebrate your anniversary in an exotic, warm destination next year, and every year for the rest of your lives!

Pick the right venue

Pick a venue with big windows and a gorgeous view – a hillside town, a lake, or canal. Who knows, you may have falling snow in the background as you say your vows. If you pick a venue where snow is likely, be considerate of guests. It may be worth booking a shuttle to transport your loved ones safely.

Stay warm

Talk to your venue in advance about their heating facilities. You don’t want to arrive on on your wedding day feeling too cold, having to wear extra layers that hide your dress. Before booking your venue, make sure you have a guarantee about the indoor temperature on the big day.

Bring extra layers just in case. That beautiful pair of shoes that match your dress perfectly may not offer the best protection from snow and rain. Keep a warm alternative on hand, to slip on during low-key moments, like driving to the reception, or sitting down for dinner. No one will notice, and it will give you the chance to warm up between important bits, like walking down the aisle, and cutting the cake.

Find your look and feel

Since the days are shorter in winter, schedule the festivities earlier in the day. It may be worth taking photos before the ceremony, if you have your heart set on an outdoor photo shoot.

Add a magical touch to your decorations – think silver table cloths, pale blue trim, topping it off with subtle earthy motifs.

Winter wedding table set


Since planning a holiday is the best remedy for the winter blues, consider making it a destination wedding! Think someplace oozing with romance, like Venice, Italy.

Above all, remember to have fun! As you plan your winter wedding, you naturally become more aware of the romance and beauty this season has to offer.

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Cheers to your wedding!