Garden Themed weddings have so much to offer: beautiful flowers, green grass, and fresh air. Picking out the right theme to suit your personality and (more importantly) represent your relationship, is the foundation for all other wedding-related decisions.

If you choose the garden theme for your wedding, we’ve got you covered –  read more for our tips on how to plan a fairytale garden themed wedding!

Is the Garden theme right for me?

Picture the big day day now: a sunny afternoon surrounded by fresh air, flowers, and friendly faces. Throwing a garden themed wedding is sure to be beautiful, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s right for everyone. Before you lock down your plans, take some time with your fiancé to discuss a few questions:

– Do you both love the outdoors?

– Are you willing to set the date during a warm month?

– Do either of you have a pollen allergy?

Taking the time to discuss logistics can quickly give you both an idea of what to expect at a garden themed wedding. If you find the idea doesn’t sit right, you’ll know to consider other options.

Garden theme wedding bride and groom

How can I plan my garden themed wedding?

Shop around

Flowers and weddings go hand in hand, so you could end up falling in love with the first venue you check out. But keep shopping around, because you just never know – the next place on the list might be even more stunning (and possibly a lower price)! You won’t know what’s out there until you see it for yourself, so get out there and see at least 3 or 4 different venues.

Consider hidden costs

Let’s say you have a friend who keeps an immaculate garden behind her house, and is willing to rent it out for a amazing price. But keep in mind, even low-budget outdoor venues come with hidden costs. You’ll need to rent equipment, like chairs, tables, a dance floor, speakers, and more. Consider the time and money you could save by choosing a venue with these items already on hand.

Garden themed wedding at night

Photo Credit: Enrico Celotto


Fun food and drink

I could write an entire book about what foods to feature at a garden themed wedding. We can’t cover all the options here, but the key is finding fresh, in-season ingredients. To add a unique twist, consider serving an Italian aperitivo before digging into the main course. An aperitivo is a light snack alongside cocktails, the perfect way to relax and refresh on a hot summer afternoon. We’ve covered plenty of aperitivo ideas here – read to learn more!

Have a backup plan

By all means, think positive and visualise perfect weather on your dream day. But just in case it rains, make sure you have a Plan B. During the shopping phase, look for a venue with an indoor reception area where you can migrate if necessary. Or, if you opt for a more casual backyard setting, rent a set of (elegant) tents that can keep everyone dry!

Not sure how to begin planning? Don’t underestimate the power of an expert wedding planner.

At we specialise in planning weddings in Venice, Italy and the surrounding region. We can plan your garden themed wedding here in Italy, even in a historic villa in the Venetian countryside. Relax and enjoy your big day while I take care of the rest. Contact me for more information, or to start planning.

Cheers to your wedding!