Maura e Monica’s birthday

Great evening for two twin sisters that decided to celebrate their fifties in a nice ancient Venetian villa.

Golden Wedding

This couple arrived to their 50th year of marriage celebrated their golden wedding anniversary in an intimate and curate dinner with all their relatives.

Brescia sposi

Since 2014 I am planning a wedding exhibition in Brescia. This event belongs to the circuit of and it takes place twice a year.

Winter Wedding Party

This was a promotional evening inside an old mill. We invited some couples and we created an evening like a wedding with dinner, entertainment, music and table arrangement. The mood was the water, because water is an essential element for a mill.

Sira Sposi 2013

Inside a shopping centre we organized a wedding day.

Oggi Sposa

For the future bridals we have organized a weekend in an atelier of bridal gowns with hair stylist, make-up artist, photographer and of course a lot of nice girls.

A wedding to remember

Meeting Antonella is a true pleasure. With her even a simple cup of tea became a small ritual.

Tea pot and tea cups harmonized, sugar lumps in the shape of small four-leaf clover or hearts,

some sweets…. and you feel at home! Antonella is this: she looks and takes care of each detail,

and in this way she takes care of everyone around her.