What can you say about Antonella? Well, if she didn’t exist you’d have to invent her!!

She’s a lovely person, so ready to help and full of very creative ideas. The final result was SPECTACULAR!!

Antonella met our requirements to a tee, especially in the floral arrangements, staying within the not-so- generous budget we had to work with… Indeed she fully exceeded our expectations!!

Romina Stella & Alessandro De Bin

I cannot praise Antonella highly enough. My now husband and I were planning our Italian wedding from London. Initally we had the help of my mother, but when she became ill we realised we needed the help of a planner. My mum had found her contact details on line and I was instantly interested in speaking to her because she can speak English as well as her native Italian. When I spoke to her, I realised that not only was she incredibly competent, she understood my vision of how we wanted our wedding to look and feel. She was a huge help throughout the whole process, from chasing suppliers, arranging paperwork, planning weekend itinerary’s. She also allowed direct payments (so we could make the most form the sterling to pound exchange rate) always backing it up with a paperwork invoice trail.

Antonella was on-hand even on the weekend’s when we visited Italy for planning and would make sure caterers, photographers etc were all ready to meet us. We emailed daily and when things got stressful, I knew I could relax a little as I had her help in Italy.

On our wedding weekend she was at the Villa the whole day before setting up and on the wedding day itself she ensured everything ran smoothly.

My husband and I had the BEST wedding and we owe a lot of that to Antonella’s help and organisational skills. She is a wonderful woman and was a great help. We can’t recommend her highly enough!

Elena Luisa Barry & Alastair Edward Pierce

Being a couple who live abroad, Antonella saved our celebration. Even if it seems easy to organise your celebration by yourselves, Antonella knows exactly what she has to do, she knows how to do it and we always had the sensation that she had everything under control.

Furthermore we really appreciated Antonella’s creativity, professional approach and patience.

Chiara Ton & Esteban Barrera Vergara

Antonella was always only too happy to help, and the flowers, decorations and music she arranged created a magical atmosphere for our day. She aimed to turn a dream into a special day, which even now still seems unreal, despite the fact that it really happened. All we can do is thank her. My day, our day will stay in our hearts forever.

Annalisa Severin & Andrea Finotto

Antonella is a creative, patient person, always ready to listen to your ideas and find solutions to make them work. Extremely professional and competent, loads of imagination and… well, that’s Antonella in a nutshell.

Antonia & Renato

Dear Antonella, I wanted to say thanks for your precious help and above all for your availability. You’re absolutely the best! It was all perfect. Thanks again, much love.

Anna Gastaldello, for her birthsday

Our anniversary celebration was a surprise! We almost didn’t want to celebrate but Antonella at YourAnniversary.it got us involved with her sense of fun. Our Golden Wedding Anniversary? Stunning, we had a great time with her and she managed to put us at ease throughout.

Laura Venturuzzo & Antonio

Dear Antonella, Monica and I would thank you for your precious cooperation, availability and pacience that you demonstrated us in this important moment of our lifes.

You realized our Birthdays party for our fifties as an unforgettable event. Everything was perfect from the flowers arrangements of the imperial table until the wonderful paper decorations that you used for the venue. More than the graphic that you realized for our invitations and the menus. With your professionality and your diplomacy you worked out the right solutions for me and my sister and you succeeded remaining within the budget.

For these reasons we will recommend you as wedding and event planner to our friends, because you deserve it.

Maura & Monica Busin

Working with Antonella is a true pleasure. She makes hosting even a small tea party a pleasant ritual. A matching teapot and teacup set, along with sugar cubes in the shape of hearts or shamrocks and sweets make you feel right at home. That’s just how Antonella is: with her attention to detail she takes care of everyone around her.

Lisa Zattarin

A wedding to remember

Meeting Antonella is a true pleasure. With her even a simple cup of tea became a small ritual.

Tea pot and tea cups harmonized, sugar lumps in the shape of small four-leaf clover or hearts,

some sweets…. and you feel at home! Antonella is this: she looks and takes care of each detail,

and in this way she takes care of everyone around her.