You’re engaged and want to shout it from the rooftops! But now you’re dealing with questions about logistics: What’s the date? And of course, what’s your wedding theme? You have plenty of decisions to make, so think of your theme as the guiding light–a blueprint to consult and everything else follows.

Chances are you have more than one person trying to sway your decision, leaving you feeling overwhelmed. Not to mention, nowadays your options are pretty much endless! Feeling lost? Don’t! Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you choose your wedding theme.

1) Brainstorm!

Don’t worry if at first you draw a blank. It takes just a small push to get your creativity flowing. Grab a pen and paper and check out these resources:

– Photo albums

Look through photos of the two of you together to refresh your memory about the good times you’ve shared so far–dates, holidays, anything, really. Reflect on what activities make you both feel happy and relaxed. Maybe you went on an amazing getaway to Venice last year, or even a ski trip in the winter. Write down at least five ideas.

– Inspiration board

Pinterest and bridal magazines are a great place to draw inspiration. Start a Pinterest search for the keywords “Wedding” and “Theme” to get started. Have a look around, and then try plugging in some more keywords, such “Venice”, or “ski”. You may find your initial ideas lead to even better options.

Or if you like crafty activities, grab some magazines, scissors, glue, and a poster to create a vision board. After some exploration, add at least three new options to the list.

Garden themed wedding


– Friends and family

Friends and family can help you choose your wedding theme, but keep in mind, you may find yourself feeling pressured to go with someone’s suggestions. Bouncing ideas off of well-intentioned loved-ones can’t hurt, but take their feedback with a grain of salt. If possible, try to only consult people who know both you and your fiancé well. Now jot down some more ideas!

2) Refine the list

Time to sit down with your fiancé, whip out the red pen, and start eliminating! Here are three main factors to consider as you work the list:

– Remember, this isn’t all about you!

Ask your fiancé for feedback and think about what feels right for both you. If a potential theme strikes either of you as just wrong, give it the axe.

– Think like a photographer

Your wedding day comes just once, but you’ll treasure the photos and video for the rest of your lives. What’s most photogenic? Choose your wedding theme based on what colours, outfits, and decor you’ll feel good about in 10, 20, or 50 years.

Venetian Villa theme

– Be realistic

Want to be carried on horseback to a castle in Europe? Or walk down the aisle at the Plaza Hotel? By all means, do! Just remember your budget and timeline. Plus, on top of saving money, you still need to set time aside for planning.

On that note, hiring a wedding planner can take loads of pressure off. Especially if you’re thinking of a destination wedding, a professional planner who’s familiar with the local area will be your best friend. specialises in organising dream weddings in Venice, Italy and the surrounding area. We also partner with Wedding in Villa, so couples can plan fairy tale weddings in magnificent historical villas in the Venetian countryside.

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