Chiara and Esteban are one of many amazing, eclectic couples I’ve had the privilege of working with. Take an Italian-born bride, a Mexican-born groom, send them to live in Norway, and voila! You get Chiara and Esteban. This bride and groom fell in love with a wedding venue in Italy, even though they both worked full time and had to plan the wedding from abroad.

Bride and Groom

A cacti desert

With their dream location already picked out, the couple soon ran into an unexpected problem: no florist in Venice seemed to carry succulents (a plant similar in look and feel to a cactus).


Coming from two different countries, they wanted unique wedding decorations that would represent both their cultures. Though scheduled to take place in Italy, they really wanted their wedding theme and decor to represent Esteban’s Mexican roots.

What they didn’t realize is that cacti are rare in Italy, so it’s not every day that you hear this kind of request.

Sending in the rescue crew

Charged with the responsibility of making their dream day reality, I started some serious research. Since no local florists carried cacti, after some digging I uncovered a greenhouse that specialises in succulents. We put our heads together to design some stunning place cards, centerpieces, and other decor for Chiara and Esteban’s wedding.


With this win fresh on my mind, I took the desert theme and ran with it. I designed a range of other unique wedding decorations. The centrepieces featured a mix of small cacti, all tied together seamlessly in an aesthetic blend. I also crafted a trail of flat stones, leading from one guest to another, interspersed with small cacti “sprouting” from the table, as well as candles in warm, complimentary colours.




I took care to prepare an extra special table setting for the groom’s grandparents, Renata and Antonio, who were celebrating their diamond anniversary!


Chiara and Esteban arrived on their wedding day, thrilled with the desert-themed decor. They thanked me for making the impossible possible, so both the bride and groom could feel at home. Check out their testimonial to see for yourself!


My mission at

I founded on my passion for organising weddings, and my mission to help connect couples to the right resources here in Venice, and the surrounding region. With years of experience, I’ve had the chance to build relationships with local businesses – venues, florists, caterers, and even the odd greenhouse!

With so many local partners at my fingertips, no challenge is too difficult – no wedding theme too abstract. I’m prepare to take on the unexpected, as we dive into planning your wedding.

If you live abroad, you can rely on me to organise your wedding in Italy. After all, Chiara and Esteban wanted to spend a minimal amount of time researching florists in Venice. Without my help, they might have had to make an extra trip to Venice just to find a vendor fulfil their wedding theme. But with my local knowledge, and close vicinity to the venue, I got my hands dirty for them, so they could relax and enjoy being engaged!

What’s your unique wedding idea?

Thinking of planning your wedding here in Italy? I can’t wait to hear your ideas. Contact me to discover the many beautiful venues (think historical villas and castles!) the Veneto region has to offer. Let’s start talking about your vision so we can make your dream day reality.

Cheers to your wedding!