April, May or December? The perfect date for your wedding

Would you like to be a bridal of April, May or better December? Today I would like to speak with you about the date of your wedding. At the moment he asked you to be his wife the second step is to define the date of the wedding. How to choose the right wedding date?...

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Wedding mood: the purple wedding of Romina & Alex

Today I would like  to tell you the story of Romina a wonderful girl that loves purple colour a lot. When she called me, we fixed an appointment in her flat and the first thing I noted is that violet and purple was everywhere! Starting from blinds, pillows on the sofa...

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The necessary documents to get married in Italy

You decided to get married in Italy and you already find also the right venue. Preparing the necessary documents to get married in Italy is one of the first steps to do. We explain you here below  the Italian procedures,  even if we suggest to double check each time...

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Real Wedding Story: Annalisa & Andrea

When Annalisa reached out to ask about planning her wedding, I could tell right away that she was one of my youngest clients so far. 20 years old, to be precise, and a beautiful young lady who was head-over-heels in love with her fiance, Andrea. Their real wedding...

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Your wedding at Villa Ottoboni

Picking out the right location is one of the first concrete steps towards planning your wedding. However, researching different venues can also be quite stressful. My job is to help couples plan their dream weddings, so I decided to do some advance research, and...

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A wedding venue that cancelled at last minute

Elena and Alastair, a couple of Londoners, knew they wanted their wedding surrounded by the beauty of a historic Venetian villa in Italy. Like any diligent couple, they took care to book a venue months in advance, especially since their date was set for May (high...

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How to plan your vintage wedding

Looking for a wedding theme that reflects your love for all things classic and nostalgic? The vintage wedding theme lets you show off your timeless tastes. Read more for our top tips on how to plan your vintage themed wedding! Why choose the vintage wedding theme?...

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How to make your winter wedding truly wonderful

Time to set the date and considering a winter month for your wedding? A winter wedding offers a certain magical quality, and satisfaction knowing that the date you picked is uniquely yours. Check out these tips for planning your dream winter wedding! Why set the date...

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How to pick the best wedding website

Looking for a convenient, low-cost tool that can help you plan your wedding? The right wedding website can be your one-stop-shop for managing RSVPs, explaining logistics (like local hotels and transport), and linking guests to your registry, and all in the same place....

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How to plan your lace themed wedding

Delicate and beautiful, timeless and sophisticated, you can’t go wrong with a lace wedding theme. Whether you style your whole wedding around lace, or simply want to add elegance to another theme, read more for tips on how to make the most of this stunning fabric on...

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Make your garden wedding theme amazing

Garden Themed weddings have so much to offer: beautiful flowers, green grass, and fresh air. Picking out the right theme to suit your personality and (more importantly) represent your relationship, is the foundation for all other wedding-related decisions. If you...

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How to choose your wedding theme

You’re engaged and want to shout it from the rooftops! But now you’re dealing with questions about logistics: What’s the date? And of course, what’s your wedding theme? You have plenty of decisions to make, so think of your theme as the guiding...

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Italy theme cocktails to serve to your wedding

When it comes to tying the knot, nothing says romance like a destination wedding in Bella Italia. Don’t have the time or funds to make the trip? Don’t worry, we’ve got the next best thing: bring a taste of Italy to your wedding! In Italy the locals...

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Tips for recycling wedding items

Congrats to the new Mr. and Mrs.! It seems like just yesterday you heard the wedding bells ringing. Then  after your honeymoon you came home to a house full of decorations, clothes, and a host of other odds and ends left over from the big day. Time to get organised...

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How to stay in your wedding budget? Hire a wedding planner!

Ever wondered how much it costs to hire a wedding planner? Pretty much every day I hear people saying they can’t afford to hire one. They dream of having a wedding planner to rely on, but quickly dismiss the idea as luxury that’s beyond their reach. I’m here to debunk...

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The bride and groom’s right to cacti

Chiara and Esteban are one of many amazing, eclectic couples I’ve had the privilege of working with. Take an Italian-born bride, a Mexican-born groom, send them to live in Norway, and voila! You get Chiara and Esteban. This bride and groom fell in love with a wedding...

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Plan your honeymoon in Venice

When it comes to your honeymoon, Venice, Italy truly has it all. With beautiful canals lining its hushed footways, creating a quiet broken only by gently crashing waves and an occasional gondolier rowing by, you won’t find a more exquisite place in the world...

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A wedding to remember

Meeting Antonella is a true pleasure. With her even a simple cup of tea became a small ritual.

Tea pot and tea cups harmonized, sugar lumps in the shape of small four-leaf clover or hearts,

some sweets…. and you feel at home! Antonella is this: she looks and takes care of each detail,

and in this way she takes care of everyone around her.