Would you like to be a bridal of April, May or better December?

Today I would like to speak with you about the date of your wedding. At the moment he asked you to be his wife
the second step is to define the date of the wedding.

How to choose the right wedding date?

Do you prefer to celebrate your wedding on open air or in an intimate winter atmosphere?

If you decide for an open air wedding and you choose North of Italy, you have to consider that from May until September it is possible to plan a wedding with a ceremony in a garden.  March, April and October it is possible with a little of luck but it depends from the wheatear.
From November until February it is too cold and you have to find a location with nice and warm inside spaces only.

For other Regions of the world of course there are different situations but I am speaking you about what I can very well, my Region: Veneto

Once you have pinpointed your idea of wedding celebration, we can start.

We will see month per month, what it is better to do.

January and February are very cold but nice.  Often we can have a nice sunny day with a nice light but usually with breezing temperature. I suggest to decide for a reception during the day, so everyone can enjoy the lighted hours and the few lukewarm hours.

March, April and October they are nice because you are in the middle seasons and temperatures are always lukewarm. Not too cold, not too hot.  For a reception at lunch, for sure you can have a part of the wedding outside and enjoy the garden, then the sitting part should be inside and you can enjoy your Special Day in total harmony.


May, June  and September are high wedding season months, so if you would like to get married then, you have to start long time before (from 12 until 18 months before) in order to be able to choose, the venue you like most.   This situation is more valid for wedding during the weekend. If you accept the idea to get married during the week of course the situation is easier.

July and August are very hot months. The temperatures are around 30° C (86° F) even more in the central hours. So we could have the contrary problem of winter, it is too hot. But if you decide for a dinner reception, it is a perfect period.  You and your guests can enjoy one of the summer evenings and celebrate outside with candles and lighting, dancing in the night until the morning.

November is an “empty” month. What does it mean? That usually few couples decide to get married in this month.  Here it is already cold, but not too much. If you like November you could negotiate a better price from the locations and other suppliers, because they are not overbooked.


On December you are living the Christmas atmosphere and the intimate celebration is guaranteed. In the last years more and more couples decide to get married in December even on 31st December. One big celebration for your wedding and the New Year.  After more each anniversary will be a nice party!



Are you ready to write your “Save the date”?

If you cannot decide contact me and I will be happy to be on your side to help you for this or other decisions about your wedding  info@sorrisieconfetti.it 

Cheers to your wedding!