Your Wedding

Are you dreaming about a perfect wedding? Do you want to enjoy your wedding day?

Let a professional wedding planner help you! This is the best way to get the better result for the wedding day.

Have a look to the opinions and the experiences of people that asked to be supported by Antonella Friso of Sorrisi and Confetti.

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A wedding to remember

Meeting Antonella is a true pleasure. With her even a simple cup of tea became a small ritual.

Tea pot and tea cups harmonized, sugar lumps in the shape of small four-leaf clover or hearts,

some sweets…. and you feel at home! Antonella is this: she looks and takes care of each detail,

and in this way she takes care of everyone around her.


Wedding themes

Every successful wedding has a dedicated mood board and a theme that underlies each detail of the wedding. We create a colour palette and the relevant graphics for the whole stationary.


Research of the right venue

Picture yourself at the event now… where would you most like this important, meaningful day to take place? The location must be the right one for your wedding party!


Flowers arrangements

Have you already picked the location of your dreams? Now it’s time to make the place your own. We’ll create a harmonious ambiance with the perfect balance of light and colour to surprise and excite.


Music and entertainment

The soundtrack for the day should be compiled with care to engage and entertain guests, as well as create an outline for the perfect party.


Stationary and guest favours

How to choose the suitable invitations and stationary to reflect your personality? We create them customized for you and with you, starting from your love story.


Welcoming guest from faraway

We’ll take care of everything: we can welcome you and your guests, provide logistical information, accommodation, and guided tours.


Baby sitting

A suitable surveillance and an attentive presence of specialized persons will ensure children a safe and secure time to enjoy, and to their parents the tranquillity to participate to your wedding.



From the vintage car for the spouses to a taxi for guests until the bus for everyone. Sorrisi e Confetti offers a variety of creative solutions, so all you need to do is choose!


Wedding website

The website of the bride and groom is a virtual space just for you, to take advantage of before, during, and after the wedding. Guests can find whatever information they may need…